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Polish Heritage Language classes in York Region are under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and are hosted by York School Board. St. Anne’s Polish School commenced in the year 2000 and is housed in St. David Catholic School , which is located at 240 Killian Rd Vaughan/Maple .

All teachers have been trained and educated in
Poland and are highly qualified. They have many years of teaching experience and are able to professionally impart information on the Polish culture, traditions and the history of Poland . The school also promotes sports and education and develops an interest in art, music and folk dancing.

The Parent Council represents the interests of students and parents. It also deals with the growth and development of the school.
St. Anne’s School provides education according to traditional Polish best practices. The school provides an opportunity for students to explore their Polish heritage while immersed in Canadian society. The marriage of the two cultures allows students to broaden their horizons.