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Secondary Program Outlines


The main goals of the Polish Credit Course is to focus on the Polish language, history, geography and cultural aspects of Poland. By doing so, we hope to sustain Polish tradition by forming a national identity amongst young Poles in Canada. In addition, the program would like to maintain connections with our Polish - Canadian ancestors, in order to understand own roots. The Polish Program will achieve these objectives through a structured program.

Tasks for High School classes from 9th to 11th grade:

  • Strengthening respect for the spiritual achievements of Polish ancestors;
  • Systematization of knowledge of the grammar and Polish literature, learned in primary school,obtained through the guidance and advancement of knowledge on these subjects;
  • Systematization of knowledge of Polish literature, history, geography and art, learned in primary school, obtained through guidance and advancement of knowledge in those areas;
  • Preparation for mid - term and final examinations.

The standard for the program encloses the following strands:

  • Oral communication (Listening & Speaking) - communicating orally in different situations and for different purposes, using vocabulary and language structures, according to students’levels, and understanding of simple spoken Polish language, used in different situations and for different purposes.
  • Reading – reading and understanding appropriate passages from different sources, for various purposes, applying knowledge of simple vocabulary and language structures.
  • Writing – writing for specific purposes, using basic vocabulary and language structures.

These standards of language are implemented and applied by our professionally trained teachers, who achieved their skills at universities in Poland and Canada, with cooperation with our School Board – International Language Training Course for Elementary and Secondary Programs,and Certification by The Ontario College of Teachers. The teaching materials are based on approved text books edited in Poland under the control of Ministry of Education in Warsaw. The design of the class curricula is adjusted to the students’ skills, having respect for different family backgrounds and competition.